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Eye Disorders in Dogs and Cats

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Your pet's eyes are red with a yellow or green discharge. His eyes continue to water. He squints or rubs his eyes. The tissue around the eye appears swollen. With cataracts, the middle of the eye (the lens) appears cloudy.Conjunctivitis is an inflammation of the conjunctiva, which is the tissue coating the eye and lining the eyelids. Normally, the conjunctiva is moist and glistening with tiny blood vessels coursing through the semilucent tissue. It serves as a protective barrier for the eye by trapping debris and helping to prevent invasion of viruses and bacteria.Conjunctivitis is a common eye problem in dogs and cats. It may be the only eye disease present, or it may be associated with other diseases or eye problems.


The causes of "red eye" are numerous. The most common are bacterial or viral conjunctivitis, bacterial infection of the tissue around the eye, and allergic conjunctivitis. Other, more serious causes include glaucoma (swelling in the eye) or an ulcer on the cornea (erosion on the surface of the eye). Cataracts are primarily caused by normal aging changes, although they may be secondary to diabetes.


Heal your pet at home safe, naturally and effectively!!

TO THE VETERINARIAN. Here are three signs to trigger an immediate call to your veterinarian: if your pet's eye infection is painful, with your pet rubbing her eye; if the main part of the eye, the cornea, appears to be indented or layered; and if the entire eye suddenly becomes cloudy.

EYE TEARS. The lubricated eye tears used for people with minor eye infections can be very soothing for your pet. First wipe any discharge away from the eyes using a damp cloth then apply 2-3 drops in the affected eye three times daily.

Cataracts. Cineraria has been effective in reducing the size of some cataracts and decreasing cataract formation. To make a sterile eye solution, purchase sterile saline from a pharmacy. Using the tincture dilute the mixture with 1/2 saline and 1/2 cineraria. Apply 1 drop twice daily to the affected eye, being careful not to contaminate the eye dropper. This must be used for 3 months before evaluating its effectiveness.

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