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Dog Spay and Dog Neuter

Dog spay or dog neuter are one of the most responsible things you can do for the area of pet care. There is a pet overpopulation problem; too many healthy pets are euthanized in animal shelters every year.

Dogs become sexually mature after six months of age. Females also begin their reproductive cycle at this age. This cycle involves recurrent periods of heat or estrus, during which males are attracted from great distances by an odour coming from the females. It is only during heat that females will accept a male. This period of intense desire to get out and find a mate is correlated with egg release from the ovaries.

In the bitch, heat occurs about every six months and lasts for two or three weeks. It is accompanied by swelling of the vulva and a bloody discharge from the vagina. Maximum fertility usually occurs from the ninth to the thirteenth day after onset of bleeding (1 to 2 days after bleeding stops).


The surgery is performed under sterile operating room conditions with the animal under a general anesthetic, and involves the removal of the ovaries, fallopian tubes and uterus (womb) through an abdominal incision. After this operation, the female will not come into heat, and will have neither the interest nor the capacity to breed.

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There is NO ADVANTAGE in waiting for the female to have a heat period or litter before being spayed. Apart from sexual activity, spaying has no effect on a female's temperament. A bitch will not be ruined for obedience training or hunting.

Advantages of Ovariohysterectomy: 1. Males are not attracted to your property

2. Less tendency to wander from home.

3. No bloody discharge from the bitch in heat.

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4. No unwanted pregnancies, thus contributing to the control of the pet population and the problem of unwanted litters.

5. No reproductive problems in later life, e.g. false pregnancies, uterine infections, birth complications, including cesarean sections, milk fever, breast tumors.

6. Reduced rate dog license after spaying.


This operation involves removing the testicles, thereby eliminating the source of sperm and male hormone. It is routinely recommended for all male dogs that are not intended for breeding purposes.

Neutering controls the following problems: wandering, mounting other dogs and people, aggressiveness, excessive territorial marking with urine.

Neutering at a young age also eliminates the possibility of tumor of the testicles and prostrate gland.

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