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Dog Chewing

PUPPIES LOVE TO CHEW! If you can limit the damaging chewing then you are on the right path of quality pet care!

It is our responsibility to give our puppy safe chew toys to play with. Puppies teethe between the ages of three to six months, and they need to chew on something to help the teeth come in. Help avoid destructive chewing by giving your puppy a choice of good indestructible objects to chew on - a really hard rubber ball (large enough so the puppy can't swallow it) or a tough rubber bone (see Toys or Bones & Edible Chews). Giving a puppy an old shoe or any shoe-like material, as so many people do, will make her think all shoes are acceptable for her chewing enjoyment.

As we mentioned above, don't give your pup real bones - cooked or uncooked. These could splinter, hurt her mouth, cause choking if a sliver is swallowed, or cause vomiting and diarrhea.

Make the puppy's rubber ball or bone especially attractive to her by playing games with it. Whenever she starts to chew on an unacceptable object, say no sternly, take the forbidden object away, and replace it with the rubber ball or chew bone. When your puppy starts to chew on her own toy, praise her for good behaviour. Your puppy will respond happily.

Puppies seem to enjoy chewing on our fingers and may even appear to be biting. Use the same procedure as above and replace your fingers with the toy. She will soon get the idea that she is forbidden to chew on your hands. Remember to praise her when she begins to chew on her toy.

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Keep in mind that puppies often forget, so you may have to repeat the chewing corrections many times. Eventually she will get the right idea. Once again we need patience to train our puppy. Your puppy will be less likely to feast on your best pair of shoes if she has her own toys to chew on. Help your pup avoid the wrong things by keeping them out of reach.

Puppy toy boxes work well; your puppy will soon learn that her toys are in the box and, when she feels the urge to chew she will go to her toy box and retrieve a toy.

Remember to keep cleanser, paint thinners, household chemicals and other harmful substances out of your puppy's reach.

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