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Your Pet is Sick and You Need Help?......... Find the Answers for your pet care and pet health problems!

Here you will find the most current veterinary information for common pet health problems, both dog health and cat health.

There are Answers for the most common pet care questions, both dog care and cat care.

I will show you how to improve your pet's health with at home remedies that I use every day in practice.

Dr. Andrew Jones
My name is Dr Andrew Jones. I have been a veterinarian since 1992. I have treated thousands of pets for a variety of problems. I have spent hundreds of hours on continual education in all areas of pet care and pet health.

I have gone through behavioural problems in trying to stop my puppy Lewis from chewing. I used a number of at home remedies when my older dog Hoochie developed Spleen Cancer.

I am always searching for more ways to treat pets that are natural and effective, that can be done at home. And I use these at-home remedies on my clients pets', and I am finding that they work!

I want to empower YOU, the pet owner, in improving your pet's health. Modern medicine can do wonderful things, but many of our pets still struggle with chronic pet medical problems, such as allergies and arthritis, in spite of these advancements. I became frustrated with my inability to help, so I began to look beyond the standard practice. What I found was an entire world of at home remedies.

Allergic pets began to scratch less often when on a Chinese herbal supplement called Zemaphyte. Arthritic pets weren't as painful when I had clients perform acupressure on their pets at home. Pets with Cancer responded to a "home-made" Cancer diet. Cat's with Kidney failure improved their quality of life when given a herbal medication.

With Veterinary Pet Care you can solve your dog health and cat health problems!

For any questions related to the site, please feel free to contact me, Dr Andrew Jones through the Contact Us page.


Andrew Jones, DVM

Natural Pet Health

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